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All car manufacturers are dividing their car models into categories like sport, off-road, day to day ride, and luxury ones. Every type has its own style and features. Sports cars tend to be more minimalistic having only the most needed features to reduce weight and be faster. On the other side, we have SUVs or family cars that are filled with features that make your ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Today we are going to talk about these types of family cars, and how to make them even more comfortable with the best accessories like back seat organizers. Say goodbye to the mess on your back seats. Your friends do not have to wait anymore till you move a bunch of things so they can hop on your ride. Especially if you have kids, a back seat organizer will be the best thing you can buy. Long trips will be more enjoyable for them because this way they can easily find the toy they want. You keep your eyes on the road.

Best Overall: Tsumbay Car Backseat OrganizerBest Value: Okeeca Car Backseat OrganizersHonorable Mention: Freddie and Sebbie Car Backseat Trunk Organizer
OverviewAfter purchasing this back seat organizer the passengers on the backseat will feel like they are on those high-end cars. It comes packed with a lot of features like a foldable table tray, 9 storage pockets made of awesome PU leather. This car backseat organizer can hold everything from toys, drinks, tissues, or snacks. It is perfect for your kids to organize their things on the back without needing your help all the time. For the honorable mention, we thought about going for the rear back seat of your car. Yup, you guessed it. It is a backseat trunk organizer. Here you can put everything that you may not need while you are driving. This way you can organize your trunk even more and still leave the trunk floor free. 
ProsPremium leather that will last longer without getting torn apartA sturdy foldable tray for your laptop or as a dining tableA lot of storageIt comes in a large size that can hold all kinds of things without getting full. It supports a special place for your tabletDurable materialIt fits every kind of seat sizeA super large storage area for small and big things too.Easy to install because of the adjustable straps.Premium material that will last longer and will protect your items from scratches
ConsThe protective filling adds a little bulk to itMaterials used here may feel cheaper than the previous oneOnly for the back of the backseats

Benefits of Back Seat Organizer

If you still have your doubts on why a back seat organizer is a good investment here is a list of some of their benefits:

  • Everything in your car will be organized even if you have kids
  • Traveling with a lot of stuff will be much easier and comfortable
  • Reduces the time to find the thing that you need
  • Easier to clean your car
  • You can speed up or break however you want without worrying for things to fall apart

Back Seat Organizer Pricing

  • Under $15: You might know by now that in this price range you will not get the high-end product. However, we tried to find the best back seat organizers. Usually, for just under $15 you will get some back seat organizer with fewer pockets and will not last that long. 
  • $15 – $25: The largest part of the best car organizers are found in this price range. They are filled with a lot of different features that will make your life easier. Also, they are made with durable materials which makes it possible for you to use them for many years. 
  • Over $25: in this price range you will find the high-end back seat organizers that are made with premium materials and have different features that can not be found on other products. For example, some of them have a laptop desk attached and many other features that can make a big difference. 

Three Other Considerations Before Buying

Strength. Not every seat organizer is built to carry the same weight. Usually, the pricey ones are the best in this aspect. The reason for this is because they use better quality materials that will not tear apart. 

Size. Before choosing the perfect seat organizer for your car, it is best to know what items will you store there. This back seat organizer comes in different sizes and forms. Some have special pockets for small items, some can fit bottles perfectly, etc. 

Special purposes. There is a lot of organizers that care for especially for some uses. Like for example some of them can have incorporated a laptop table or an iPad handler for your kids. 


Q: Is this type of product “one size fits all”?

A: Usually these types of back seat organizers come with a universal size that can be adjustable to any seat. However, you should check the dimensions of your seats if they fit with the back seat organizer that you like.

Q: Are they machine-washable?

A: Some of them can be washed with a washing machine, that is why you need to check the label of your organizer in order to now this for sure. 

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