Best Electric Car Jacks

There are two main items that you should have while driving your car in order to be prepared for the biggest and most common road emergency. Yup, you guessed it. A FLAT TIRE. To avoid hours of trouble while waiting in the middle of the road for help, you will need just a spare tire and the best electric car jack you can find.

Having a plan b in case of road emergencies does not make you a pessimist. Yes, sure there are a lot of situations that are out of our hands and we can do nothing to prepare for it. But in the majority of road casualties can be avoided or quickly fixed if we did some little preparation before getting behind the wheel. 

Best Electric Car Jacks Overall: BestEquip Electric Car JackBest Electric Car Jacks Value: ABN 3 Ton Electric Hydraulic JackBest Electric Car Jacks Honorable Mention: Pilot Automotive Q-HY-1500L 12 V Electric Car Jack
OverviewAn electric jack and an impact wrench are included in this set, both of which are powered by a 12-volt source or your car’s own battery.Our greatest value pick is small and light, taking up less room than the normal spare tire. Almost any tire may be reached with the 12-volt, 11.5-foot power cord.Scissor jack design. 4,000-pound capacity. Heavy-duty, 15 amp power.
ProsWithin two minutes, lift your car between 5 and 16.5 inches. Removable heads make it possible to use them on vehicles and SUVs.Its lightweight, the compact form makes it portable and simple to utilize for practically any motorist. Most sedans and small SUVs should be able to handle three tons of weight.Similar to an automobile jack, however, the job is done by an electric motor. In your car or truck, connect to a 12-volt cigarette-type outlet. The rope is 12 feet long.
ConsThe full equipment weighs 27 pounds, which may be too much for some people to carry. The carrying case is constructed of low-quality, easily distorted plastic.If the automobile tips, safety is a worry due to the design of this jack’s action. The jack’s single mounting point, which is located on one end, may lead it to tip.There have been some reports of the jack failing to raise the claimed capacity. If a fuse blows, one person noted it’s difficult to get a replacement fuse that’s the proper size.

Benefits of Electric Car Jacks

  • Add it into your toolbox. An automatic electric car jack might be useful to have around regardless of your skill level when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The electric car jack may be used on most cars, boats, trailers, and off-road vehicles as part of a basic set of automotive tools.
  • Prepare for the worst-case scenario. An electric car jack, like an LED road flare kit, a flashlight, some extra water bottles, and non-perishable food, could be an excellent addition to your emergency preparedness pack. It’s as simple as putting the device in your car’s trunk if you can get a carrying case with everything inside.
  • Replace your old/manual jack with this one. Electric car jacks eliminate the physical strain of manually cranking a jack and drastically reduce overall repair time. Check out the electric car jack as an option if it’s time to invest in a new one that will do the job well and get you home safely.
  • Auto maintenance in the comfort of your own home. Having an electric auto jack on hand, whether you’re a beginner mechanic or a weekend wrencher, allows you to spend more time working on the rest of the car and less time cranking a manual jack.

Types of Electric Car Jacks


This style of a car jack is likely to be used—and owned—by a lot of mechanics. It works on the same basic idea as all jacks, using a mounting point and a lifting system to support the automobile throughout a raise, despite the fact that it is manually operated. The majority of floor jacks have four wheels and a detachable handle that pivots up and down to lift the vehicle.


This style of the jack is usually hydraulically propelled and shaped like a short, stubby bottle. They’re ideal for larger cars where clearance isn’t an issue because of their small form. They often have a higher weight capacity than your conventional electric floor jack, while not being ergonomically built for simple storage.


Most standard equipment items that come fitted in your car right from the factory have scissor jacks as their design. These unique jacks can be either manually or electrically actuated. When the arms of a scissor jack are extended, the weight is placed in the center of the jack, and the arms form a triangular or diamond-like configuration. These units are usually quite heavy and long-lasting.

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