Discover our selection of mechanical scissor jacks: standard models that can be used on all vehicles. Easily identifiable thanks to its diamond shape, the diamond jack is ideal for raising your car with its threaded rod: turn the crank to raise your car! Very compact tool, you can easily store it under a piece of furniture or in the trunk of your car. You will come to the end of all the unforeseen events of your journeys: wheel change, oil change… You can easily change your punctured wheel and get back on the road in complete safety. Although their lift height and maximum lift weights are limited compared to hydraulic jacks, their small size allows them to squeeze under any vehicle.


Effective for repairing or maintaining your vehicle, a mechanical scissor jack is made to lift a vehicle in an emergency situation. If the original jack on your car is no longer suitable, if you want to equip yourself to replace a wheel, do your oil change alone, or any other operation, it will be more profitable to buy a mechanical scissor jack, than to call a repairman or a mechanic. You can easily do your maintenance on your vehicle yourself: big money savings in sight! The mechanical scissor jack also saves time! offers you its guide: Tests and opinions of the best mechanical scissor jacks. Which lifting system to choose, The stability of the base of the professional jack, type of wheels… let’s answer all your questions!

Table Summary

Best Scissor Jacks Overall: RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack Best Scissor Jacks Value: Torin Steel Scissor Lift Jack Best Scissor Jacks Honorable Mention: Beetro Electric Car Jack 
Overview If you decide to take your RV or trailer on a journey with you this is the perfect scissor jack you can get. It’s way more affordable than the other scissor jacks. The perfect tool to take with you on the trunk of your day-to-day car.  The most modern and easy-to-use car jack. Will help you get on the road super-fast. 
Pros We know how important it is to save space on your trailer or RV. That is why this scissor jack is the best because it’s reliable and has a compact design. It can fit perfectly along with your spare tire, offers maximum stability, and comes with a great price too. Super easy to use, and do not require any physical strength. You just have to plug in the cigarette lighter and you are ready to go.
Cons Usually, it’s needed two of them in order to fix your RV.  It can not fit on lower cars. Takes a little more space than the other scissor jacks.

Benefits of Scissor Jacks

Types of Scissor Jacks

Car Scissor Jacks

Usually, cars have an emergency kit, which includes a car scissor jack too. If not you should definitely get one. These best car scissor jacks can fit perfectly on your trunk with the other emergency tools. If a flat tire situation ever happens, you can easily change it with the help of your car scissor jack. 

Stabilizing Scissor Jacks

You may have been told by the others to use a stabilizing scissor jack for a normal car. Just to be clear stabilizing scissor jacks are used mostly on bigger vehicles like trailers or RVs. Even if you know how to properly use a stabilizing scissor jack changes are that it will create a safety hazard if used on normal cars. We recommend going for a smaller car scissor jack even if you own an SUV.

Electric Scissor Jacks

The electric scissor jack can be perfect for people that do not want to crawl underneath your car. Changing your flat tire with an electric scissor jack will require half the work of a normal manual scissor jack. If finding an outlet is one of your concerns do not worry because most electric scissor jacks use your car to power up.

Scissor Jacks Pricing