The windshield is the biggest glass on your car. That’s why it is responsible for protecting the largest part of your car’s interior. Especially during the summer season the interior leather and plastic of your car can be affected negatively by the direct sun. The leather can be worn and torn and the plastic of the dashboard may lose its initial color. 


But it is not recommended to protect your windshield only during the hot summer days but during winter too. This time the focus is to save the windshield itself because the interior will not be affected. If you place the best windshield cover the night before, tomorrow morning you can just remove the cover and you are ready to go. Forget the wasted time that you spend trying to remove the snow and ice and usually scratching the glass doing so.

Table Summary

Best Overall: VOHQPEI Car Windshield Cover Best Value: Laptom Windshield Snow Cover Honorable Mention: PVG Car Windshield Snow Cover
Overview For just $17.99 you can get this car windshield cover that will protect your car from rain, snow, frost, the sun you name it. The 4 layers ultra-thick material is the reason for all these good qualities.  For as cheaper as it gets, this windshield cover will protect your front glass, especially in winter. Ice and snow would not be a problem anymore.  As our honorable mention, we have the perfect windshield that will protect your car in the most extreme weather. The best part about this windshield is the ability to protect all three front glasses. 
  • 4 layers for maximum protection
  • Strong and durable in extreme weather
  • Can fit perfectly even on large cars
  • 3 layer protection made from polyester, cloth, and polyester again its shown to be very effective on cold temperatures
  • Universal size that can fit with almost any vehicle
  • It also comes with protectors for the mirrors
  • The morning snow and ice will not be a nightmare anymore you can go on with your day right away
  • With the help of the magnets and the elastic rims, you do not have to worry if the cover will be blown by the wind.
  • Can be very bright on sunny days
  • Doesn’t do as well as another windshield with PE aluminum film. 

Benefits of Windshield Covers




Q: What if my windshield has a crack?

A: Windshield covers are usually used to prevent crack windshields. However, it may help to reduce the continuous cracking. The best is to replace the cracked windshield to protect your car, and yourself.