Tired of having too much stuff in your messy car trunk? Are you lost between tools, children’s toys, or other items of all kinds that are constantly lying around, scattering around, and making noise in the back as soon as you hit the road? Opt for a trunk organizer, practical and useful and which will leave your trunk tidy and organized in all circumstances! Whether every day or for a long family trip, the organizer will accompany you on all your journeys. You can even complete it with an indoor car organizer. To help you buy the best trunk organizer for your car, we’ve provided a buying guide as well as a selection of 4 organizer models with their main features and drawbacks. This will help you see more clearly and you can also save time buying a new trunk organizer. Follow our buying guide for the best trunk organizers and make your choice with peace of mind!

Best Car Trunk Organizer Overall: Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage OrganizerBest Car Trunk Organizer Value: AOPHY Car Trunk OrganizerĀ Best Car Trunk Organizer Honorable Mention: Knodel Sturdy Car Trunk OrganizerĀ 
OverviewThis car trunk organizer best accessory that every driver needs to have on the trunk of his day-to-day ride. The revolutionary tie-down strap system will make sure that everything stays in place. In order to free your trunk floor, AOPHY offers you this special trunk organizer that can be mounted in the back of your car seats. You can store there a lot of different things and still have a large space left.For all of you that want the best of the best car trunk organizer, Knodel makes it available to you. This organizer has three different compartments so you can separate things into categories more easily. This way you can always find what you are looking for.
ProsPerfect overall car trunk organizerA revolutionary tie-down strap systemFlimsy sides Sliding bottomsReinforced with stiff base platesReinforced base platesNon-slip strips7 ultra-large capacity storage bagsFrees your trunk floorEasy to install and removeSuitable for every time of carPremium qualitySuperior durability and waterproofSmart multipurpose design Easy to use install and cleanFully folded to occupy less space if it is not usedSatisfaction guarantee
ConsTakes some of the car trunk floors  Some straps may be shown on the backseats It may be too big for some very small cars

Types of Car Trunk Organizer

Sometimes drivers wanting to purchase a trunk organizer bag are have so many options that they have a hard time choosing. Even though there is a multitude of makes and models, the types are easily identifiable. We will therefore find in the various specialized stores:

  • Chest organizer bags with flap.  Ideal for covering your purchases and possibly protecting them from dust and other substances and heavy metals. Also, these closing flaps keep small items in place all the time.
  • Single pocket organizers. This type of bag is not very bulky and usually can only hold very few items and items. It is perfect to save a lot of trunk space because you can put it on the door sides when they are easily accessible. 
  • Trunks with zipping. Very aesthetic, these bags are covered and very well protected. Perfect to protect even the smallest and the most important things. 
  • Multi-pocket bags (compartmentalized): This type of bag is very bulky and is capable of storing objects and accessories of different kinds. The driver finds it very easy to store and organize his belongings there.

Car Trunk Organizer Pricing

Which trunk organizer bag to buy depends in part on the budget. The price difference for different types of trunk organizer bags is usually minimal. The price of multi-pocket (compartmentalized) trunk organizer bags varies from $10 to $20. Of course, you can always take advantage of the promotional offers that some dealers offer when purchasing multiple models.

As for the trunk organizer bags with flaps, their prices can go up to $30 in some cases. What is certain is that, depending on whether the bags are made of felt, canvas, carpet, or any other material, the selling prices in specialized shops can go up to $50 so you have every interest to buy a trunk organizer online. Obviously, depending on the types there are different ranges. Prices can fluctuate widely for entry-level, mid-range, or high-end models.

Good to know: It is pleasant to drive around in a clean and tidy vehicle. What applies to the interior of the vehicle also applies to the trunk of the vehicle, which must be organized all the time. So, to make the trunk organizer bag’s storage capacity optimal, action should be taken to remove any items from the vehicle that are not immediately needed. It is therefore important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper maintenance of your trunk organizer bag.

How to choose your trunk organizer bag?

Before purchasing a trunk organizer bag, motorists must first assess their needs and familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the product to be purchased. More specifically, these are the following 5 points:

  • Construction material: Some models, light and not very spacious, are made of fabric and others of the canvas. The heaviest are carpeted etc. The quality of the materials makes the bags waterproof and easy to clean. Others are made of heavy plastics and are recommended for catering, food delivery restaurants, or picnic enthusiasts. The impact resistance of the latter is proven. Don’t forget these foldable trunk organizer bags made from a mix of different materials.
  • Size: The choice of trunk organizer bag according to size will depend on the storage needs of the driver and other passengers. For example, he will think of a bag with a capacity of 16 liters, 35 liters, or 53 liters; the latter being more spacious, will allow him to store a large number of objects and accessories useful for his care and for the road.
  • Handles: There are some whose handles are made of metal or fabric. Far from being a detail, the handles of the bag determine the ease with which it can be taken out of the trunk. The handles must be solid to allow the organizer to be removed, even full, in the event that you want to access the spare wheel, for example.
  • Installation methods: For some bags, it is sufficient to place them in the trunk. No risk of them moving when the driver is behind the wheel. These bags indeed have rubber bottoms. The multitude, on the other hand, must be fixed with Velcro straps or on the back of the rear seats with a hammock net.
  • Internal organization: Trunk organizer bags can be made with an interior divider, ideal for carrying small items. On the other hand, other bags, designed to carry bulky items, may prove to be more practical in the absence of internal compartmentalization.

Best Car Trunk Organizer Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Car Trunk Organizer Overall: Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer

This car trunk organizer will come at handy in day-to-day life as well as on different road trips. The revolutionary tie-down strap system will make you drive freely not worrying if the important things are safe in the back of your car. No matter if you have small or large items because this trunk organizer will fit all of them. Also, it comes with base plates in order to keep it upright and sturdy all the time. 

Best Car Trunk Organizer Value: AOPHY Car Trunk Organizer 

One of the biggest cons of the large group of trunk organizers is that they occupy a lot of trunk floors, and this makes it impossible to store big items. If you go for the AOPHY car trunk organizer you do not have to worry about it. This accessory can be mounted in the back of the backseats of your car, that is why the trunk floor will remain free and ready to use. 

Best Car Trunk Organizer Honorable Mention: Knodel Sturdy Car Trunk Organizer 

This awesome car trunk model by Knodel has so many cool features that it is overwhelming. It has superior durability all around and can last you for years of everyday use. It can withstand heavy items and ruff uses. The most premium feature that this car trunk has to offer in the cooler compartment. The perfect thing to have if you are thinking of going on a road trip or just a picnic. Even considering the large size that this car trunk has, it is still super easy to use, install, and clean. 


Q: How do I stop things from moving in my trunk?

A: Car trunk organizers do not just prevent things from moving in the back of your car but also you can organize all of them in order to find everything more easily the next time. 

Q: How can I maximize my trunk space?

A: Pack lightly, only the important things that you will need. Buy a car trunk organizer that will make it possible to load everything strategically, Use soft bags instead of bulky luggage.

Q: How do you keep your groceries from rolling in your car?

A: Buy a car trunk organizer for the delicate items, bring bubble wrap, use hooks and nets and use reusable bags lined with cardboard.


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